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Road Trip The Causeway Coast & Belfast In 4 Days:

Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast

Causeway Campers Take You On A Road Trip Along The Causeway Coastal Route Towards Belfast – Named As Lonely Planet’s ‘Number 1 Region.’

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BOARD GAMES – A Guide to Surfing Ireland

Surf breaks around ireland

Surfing was once characterized by flaxen-haired Adonis-types carving up waves in California, Hawaii, or similarly sun-kissed exotics climes. Had you suggested Ireland as a global surfing hotspot…well, that would have been attributed to suffering a few too many knocks to the head during wipeouts. But times have changed. Here’s our Surfers Guide to surfing Ireland […]

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The beauty of a campervan or motorhome is that you get to choose where to stop for the might. However, if you prefer to park up in an official site here are a few helpful suggestions in the Causeway Coast area.   Sites under the control of the Causeway Coast and Glens Council include:   […]

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Van-tastic way to see the sights

Built in 1785 as a summer library and modelled on the Temple of Vesta in Italy, it provides stunning views along the coast and across to Donegal. Mussendun bears the inscription: ‘Tis pleasant, safely to behold from shore. The rolling ship, and hear the tempest roar’.   The beach below was another location used extensively […]

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Rathlin Island is a tranquil and picturesque six-miles long, one mile wide inhabited island (population under 100) across the Sea of Moyle from Ballycastle. Just 15-miles from Scotland’s Mull Of Kintyre, the ferry to Rathlin is always popular, especially with enthusiasts visiting the island’s renowned RSPB Seabird sanctuary.   In 1306 King of Scotland Robert […]

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