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Discover St. Patrick In 4 Days!

Discover the history of Saint Patrick’s time in Ireland in one trip.  From the comfort of your campervan, you can explore his entire Irish Celtic journey, from sunrise to sunset – in just 4 days! 


From Counties Antrim, Down, Armagh and Dublin, explore Saint Patrick’s Trail and immerse yourself in the story of his Christian mission throughout Ireland.

Walk in the footsteps of St. Patrick, explore glorious cathedrals, join in the parades and then stargaze the nights away.  At the end of the day, where better to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – than his home?




Slemish Mountain

The perfect start to this trip is where St. Patrick’s story in Ireland all began – Mount Slemish.  It was here St. Patrick was taken to work as a slave after his capture from Wales at the age of 16.  Located on the outskirts of Ballymena, Co. Antrim, St. Patrick was held captive and put to work on the mountain heading sheep and pigs for 6 years.

Slemish stands at 1500 feet high and on St. Patrick’s Day crowds descend to hike to the top of the mountain as a pilgrimage.  From here, you can commence the Saint Patrick’s Trail which is a 92-mile long linear road along the East of Ireland, making it ideal for a campervan.


Slemish Mountain, Ballymena, County Antrim, St. Patrick's Day


Stop off at the stunning harbour town of Bangor where you can visit a host of Christian sites all linked to St. Patrick, including Bangor Abbey which was once home to almost 3000 monks.  Located on the Southern Shore of Belfast Lough, Bangor Abbey also gets the name ‘Vale of Angels’ based on the legend that St. Patrick once rested here and witnessed the valley fill with angels.





Saint Cooey’s Wells

Continue your journey down the Ards Peninsula and be sure to stop off at Kearney Village near Portaferry.  Characterised by whitewashed fishermen’s cottages, the village is owned by The National Trust and home to St Cooey’s wells which are believed to have been built in the 7th century to perform miracles and help heal the sick.  They consist of a drinking, washing and eye well where it’s believed St. Patrick visited regularly.


Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Downpatrick, Co. Down



No St. Patrick’s trail would be complete without a trip to Downpatrick.  Saul Church in County Down was where St. Patrick lived until his death.  It was originally a barn and donated to the saint by a farmer to form a place of worship.  Close by is Down Cathedral where St. Patrick is buried.  Recommended must-sees include The Saint Patrick’s Centre in Downpatrick which is the only centre in the world entirely devoted to the Saint.  It is a family-fun and interactive account of Saint Patrick’s time in Ireland.


With accommodation and transport all in one, you’ll have the freedom to hop in and out of your campervan at your own leisure and spend as long as you want immersing yourself in rich history.  Next stop – Armagh.





Armagh City

St. Patrick built his main Church in Armagh on the site of the current Church of Ireland cathedral.  The city’s Catholic Church cathedral is also named after the saint.  Throughout March, Armagh City hosts an exciting itinerary of family activities to honour the patron saint.


The two Saint Patrick's, Armagh. Saint Patrick Cathedral, Armagh. Saint Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Armagh. Saint Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh.



If you plan your journey right, you could stop off for an overnight stay in Armagh and join in the ‘Starry, Starry Night’ event on March 9th at Navan Centre and Fort.  Commencing at 7.30pm, astronomers from Armagh Planetarium will explain the importance of the night sky during the time of St. Patrick.  If that’s not enough stargazing for one night, you can continue enjoying the wonderful night sky in your campervan.





St Patrick’s Festival Parade, Dublin. 

The perfect trip would be to arrive in Dublin bang on time to celebrate Ireland’s main St. Patrick’s Festival parade.  This is always a fun-filled and colourful procession which this year is being led by Dublin actor and Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham.  The parade begins at 12 noon on March 17th and will wind its way through the streets of the capital city.


This grand festival takes 18 months of preparation, welcomes over 100,000 overseas visitors, and will offer an exciting display of floats, street theatre, musicians and pageants all adding to the ‘Home is Where the Heart is” festival theme.


St Patrick's Day, Dublin. St. Patrick's Day Parade, Dublin. Dublin St. Patrick's Day.



With so many collection points, you are free to commence your St. Patrick’s Trail at a destination of your choice.  Causeway Campers offer collection points at;

  • Dublin Airport
  • Belfast City Airport
  • Belfast International Airport
  • Derry City Airport
  • Belfast Harbour
  • Port of Larne

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