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The campervan is a real festival headline act


It can be magical. Thousands of complete strangers herded together like cattle, the squelch of mud (well, we are talking about the UK & Ireland here!) drowned out by a mass choir of raucous revellers singing along to their favourite track or band.


Welcome to music festival season.


From Glastonbury to ‘T’ In The Park, Longtitude to Electric Picnic, Creamfields to ‘V’ – it’s that time of year when colourful wellies, shorts, and shades are the official uniform.


For some, sploshing through puddles and sleeping in drafty tents is all part of the fun. For many, though, it’s a necessary evil. But there is an alternative. What if you could enjoy everything a festival has to offer and still indulge yourself with a few creature comforts?


What if you could dance the night (or day) away and then curl up in a comfy bed on a full stomach that didn’t cost a king’s ransom to fill? The answer to your dilemma is, of course, the campervan or motorhome. Not only does it rule out endless hours on a bus or train to reach the festival in the first place, but it also provides a safe haven when you need to re-charge the batteries for the next round of shoulder carrying and manic moshing.


It even means that the journey to and from the venue can be just as much fun as when you get there. Think about it! Driving along with your mates, tunes at full blast, stopping where you want, when you want.


At Causeway Campers we have a selection of vehicles with facilities that really will be music to any festival-goers ears.


All our vans offer a fridge, hob, plus pots, pans, and cutlery. Rock ‘n’ roll (how fitting!) beds with memory foam mattress, and lest we forget…a toilet in our 6 berth motorhomes. The latter something you might take for granted until you find yourself in that snaking queue for a portaloo.


For those festival lovers who have their sights set on one of the Emerald Isle’s myriad festivals, there are pick-up points at Londonderry/Derry, Belfast, and Dublin, and you can also discuss delivery with us to alternative (okay, stop with the music puns) locations.


All of which means you’ll be ideally placed to strike out for Forbidden Fruit in sumptuous grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art; Body & Soul in Westmeath; or to take a ‘Ride’ to see Lana Del Ray at Electric Picnic in Laois.


It doesn’t have to be festivals on home soil, though. There’s bags of fun to be had with a lengthier road trip across the UK. Maybe you fancy busting some moves to Busta Rhymes at Parklife in Manchester’s Heaton Park; stepping back in time with Stone Roses at ‘T’, or perhaps you’re a ‘Belieber’ that just loves all things Justin (headlining at ‘V’ with Rihanna).


So before you dust off that manky old tent, book post-festival sessions with a chiropractor, and practice some mystical Eastern method of bladder control – give some serious thought to a campervan.


For further information or to discuss any individual requirements you might have, please don’t hesitate to calls us on 07769 355427 or drop us a line at

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