Expert Van Conversion Services: Bespoke Campervan Solutions Tailored to Your Dream

Welcome to Causeway Campers, the premier destination for bespoke camper van conversions in Northern Ireland. With a keen focus on quality and customer needs, we offer a comprehensive range of conversion services, transforming ordinary vans into your dream campervans. From initial consultation to the final product, our team provides expert advice and personalised solutions. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy camper for weekend getaways or a fully-equipped vehicle for long adventures, our conversions are tailored to suit every unique requirement. Contact us to discuss your van conversion project and explore the possibilities with our dedicated team.

Campervan Conversions: Crafting Your Custom Dream on Wheels

Not so much a conversion as a transformation

At Causeway Campers we know many of you are already converts to the campervan cause.

That’s why we offer an additional service to rental.

Our experience gleaned has provided us with a keen sense of what works best for a campervan and that expertise can be translated into van conversion.

Just imagine it? Your very own campervan parked in the drive, ready and waiting to turn a wheel at the drop of a hat.

We can source and buy the van for you, then complete the conversion to your specifications. Dependent on availability of parts, we can also complete a project in as little as two weeks.

Alternatively if you want to bring us a van you already own we can cost converting it into your dream ‘home from home’ and set to work.

In our experience the Volkswagen T5 is the ideal donor vehicle, but there really is no restriction to the type of van. How you want it to look, what you want to do with the interior, the facilities you wish to include, is all down to your wish list!

Much of the work including roof removal and fitting pop-roof, kitchen fitting and insulation we carry out ourselves. Specific areas such as gas installation and water pumps we out-source to qualified and registered engineers whose work we have already seen and approved.

In many respects once you bring us a van and we remove the roof, well, (pun definitely intended) the sky’s the limit. You can fit ‘pop-tops’, rock ‘n’ roll beds, kitchen units and work surfaces (locally made and installed), 12 volt or 240 volt electrical systems, lights, heaters, even DVD players.

At Causeway Campers we can make your dream of owning your own campervan a reality. Even better, we can do it stress free. Just leave it to us…all you have to do is take possession and enjoy.

If you would like to discuss a conversion project just give us a ring on 028705 31000 or drop us a line at