What is the minimum rental period for your vans?

Our minimum rental period is 3 nights to all Northern Ireland locations in Off/Low/Mid Season and 7 nights in July/August.

What paperwork do I need to provide to rent a van?

You will need a current valid drivers license held for more than 2 years and 2 No. proof of address registered to the same address as your drivers license.

How much fuel do you get in the van?

We do not opperate a full tank policy at Causeway Campers. The van will be given out with a minimum of a 1/4 of a tank of fuel and is to be returned with the same amount of fuel.

How does the van work?

We show you how everything works when you collect the van and this will take approximately 45 minutes

What is the insurance excess?

It is £1,500 which we will Pre-Autrorize when you collect the van.

What do you charge for 1 way trips between airports?

We do not charge any large one-way fees. We only charge the delivery fee for each location. For example if you collected the van in Belfast and wanted to Dublin, the Belfast delivery charge is £80 and the Dublin delivery charge is £200, therefore the total oneway charge is £280.

Is bedding included in the Van?

No we do not include bedding in the vans, this can be provided at an additional charge per person of £15.

Do you deliver vans?

Yes we offer a personnel Meet and Greet services only to selected airport localtions for a small charge.

Do we deliver vans to home addresses?

No, we do not offer a bespoke delivery service and only to are selected locations.

What time can the van be collected from?

It can be collected from 2.30pm on the day of collection. If there is a delivery this need to be added onto the collection times

What is included in the rental?

The van, insurance and in the motor homes toilet chemical.

Is bedding included in the van?

No, this is a hireable extra at £15 per person.

What time does the van need to be returned at?

The van needs to be returned for 10am, if the van has been delivered the it will need to be returned earlier to take into account for driving time back to base. e.g if the van has been delivered to Belfast the travel time is 1.15 minutes. Therefore the return time will be 9.45

Are you allowed to take the van to festivals?

Yes we allow our vans to be taken to festivals, you will need to allow for the correct amount of time when returning the van.

Do we allow pets in our vans?

Yes, only in our older vans such as Lady Ga Gas and Finn McCool. There is an additional charge of £35.

We do you pay the money?

To secure the booking you need to pay £500 which is non-refundable and the final balance is due 6 weeks before you collect the van. If the booking of the van falls within the 6 week period, then the balance is due in full.